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Individual Psychotherapy Cabinet Jeni Dumbrăveanu

Jeni Dumbrăveanu is a family systemic psychotherapist, accredited by the Romanian College of Psychologists. Her experience speaks to people. She chose to become a psychotherapist because the fields of psychology and psychotherapy were crucial in her entire journey, from adversity to healing.

Individual Psychotherapy Cabinet Crețescu Dorin Nicolae

”I'm working with people that want to be heard and listened to, în a safe place, a place where they are not feeling judged, a place full of understanding and spiritual warmth. I'm working with people that want to rediscover their inner strength, that want to learn to have efficient communication, that want to maintain a high self-esteem, that want to learn to negotiate in a romantic relationship, or a family relationship. My goal is to teach people to express their emotions, needs, feelings, to laugh, to cry, without feeling judged.”, Crețescu Dorin Nicolae.

Individual Psychotherapy Cabinet Bucur Mihaela Daniela

“Health, well-being, happiness, success and inner peace are subject to the same principle. If you do the things right, in the right way, at the right time, you will receive the results you want. Dacă faci lucrurile potrivi­te, în modul potrivit, la timpul potrivit, vei obţine rezultatele dorite.” - Bucur Mihaela Daniela

Individual Psychotherapy Cabinet Carmen Buși

Carmen Buși is a psychologist focused on human empathy and the strength that people have inside, to push their limits and constantly evolve towards happiness.

Individual Psychotherapy Cabinet Prală Răzvan

Prală Răzvan has the specialization of clinical psychologist, experiential psychotherapist focused on child-couple-family and counselor, specializations through which he wants to give people hope and peace of mind.

Individual Psychotherapy Cabinet Seteanu Simona

She is a psychologist, a mother, a wife, determined to help people to become more happy with themself and get over the problems they face.