our Partners


Beauty salons that are partners with LiteApp are premium, which you know due to the name that they made for themselves in the field of beauty, through professional services and friendly staff. Sungate Solarium Studio is a beauty salon located in Bucharest, which is proud of the fact that a lot of celebrities are coming here everyday. They are masters in everything related to hairstyling, they have make-up artists who highlight the most beautiful features and luxury cosmetic treatments.

TREY SYS București Estetique Beauty Center

TREY SYS – Estetique Beauty Center is a beauty salon with extensive experience in the beauty field. In 2019, Trey Sys received the award for the Most Beautiful Beauty Salon in Romania, at Beauty Forum. Their beauty team is waiting for you in their new location in Alba Iulia Square, in Bucharest. In addition to quality services, you will be greeted with the latest techniques in the industry, optimal value for money, a lot of beloved brands and many offers.

Salon Înfrumusețare Cristina Barsan Beauty Studio

CB Beauty Studio is an elegant beauty salon which you can find in the heart of Bucharest. Cristina`s team is made up of professionals ready to bring the ideal of desired beauty closer to you.


Our partner at Dentlife Studio, Dr. Ștefania Mezdrea, has an international background and is a true master of smiles, who can make people be more confident everyday. Dr. Ștefania Mezdrea started her career in 2001, in Verona. Her thirst for knowledge and passion for making people smile determined her to specialize in dental cosmetics. What makes her different from other dentists is her concept of keeping natural teeth for as long as possible.

ORTO CARE Cabinet Stomatologic București

Orto Care clinic offers a large range of dental services: orthodontics, implantology, prosthetics, endodontics, aesthetics. The prices are affordable for everyone and are done in a maximum safety.

Car WashBaneasa

Car Wash Băneasa provides its clients with premium cleaning services, now with an online experience, fully digitalized. Through LiteApp, available on AppStore and Google Play, you can make online appointments at your favorite car wash.

CARHAUS Concept de Spălătorie auto & Cafenea

CarHaus is a premium car wash, founded in 2012. The company benefits from a professionalism accumulated in over 10 years of experience in the field of car maintenance. CarHaus specialists constantly invest in washing and maintenance techniques, as well as in the development of team members.


Diamond Car SPA is more than just a car wash. The company impresses with one of the most unique car wash and maintenance concepts in Bucharest. In their portfolio there are over 45,000 unique customers, each time greeted with top services. Besides the quality services, LiteApp offers flexibility and efficiency. The solutions used are professional, comply with European standards and do not contain phosphates.