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With Liteapp you gain time and security when making reservations at the carwash.

In an age where everything is moving fast, LiteApp is one step ahead of everyone! We offer you the opportunity to reorganize your time as you like! You can easily and quickly schedule the services you need, at any time of the day.

No matter where you choose to go, the first stop is LiteApp!

LiteApp – An absolute life-saver

No more waiting in line for hours!
With LiteApp, you schedule yourself to be the first in the carwash! Choose the date, time, location, pay securely from the app and save time!

How easy it is to use LiteApp?

  • 01
    Download the app

    Find the nearest carwash, clinic or salon in your area
  • 02
    Create an account

    Add the credentials you will use when using the app
  • 03
    Choose category

    Depending on your needs and desires, you can schedule multiple services categories
  • 04
    Choose location, date, time, extra services

    All are organized to navigate easly
  • 05
    Pay with your card

    You pay quickly, directly from the application
  • 06
    Your appointment is ready!

    You'll forget what it's like to stand in line!

Download LiteApp and forget about queues!

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With the help of LiteApp, users can make appointments and payments in real time, so that you are more organized and they become loyal to your business.