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Individual Psychotherapy Office - Jeni Dumbrăveanu embraces the benefits of LiteApp

Jeni Dumbrăveanu is a family systemic psychotherapist, accredited by the Romanian College of Psychologists. Her experience speaks to people. She chose to become a psychotherapist because the fields of psychology and psychotherapy were crucial in her entire journey, from adversity to healing.

Jeni Dumbrăveanu is practicing this profession because she wants to help people who feel alone, stuck and hopeless. Online appointments - Psychological Offices București

LiteApp was designed to take care of your time, for you to spend the way you like it. Just through some clicks you can schedule an appointment at your favorite car wash. The app is showing the results in order of disponibility, and you can choose the service you want depending on the price, location and date.

Partner psychological offices offer counseling, psychological evaluation, individual psychotherapy, couple therapy, coaching for parents and personal development sessions. We chose specialists, real teams of professionists, who offer quality services and tips to follow. Our psychologists and psychotherapists partners are ready to guide you in a new journey, but beautiful, to fulfillment.

Download LiteApp and make online appointments at the Individual Psychotherapy Office - Jeni Dumbrăveanu, anytime from anywhere:! The appointment is paid with the card, directly from the app.