and the 30 years of experience

Each partnership represents for us a long-term friendship, through which we want to offer value to any business. That's why the Lite Smile range offers every user of the LiteApp application the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of dental clinics, from which they can choose the services they need, regardless of day, time or price.

Dr. Aoun Ammar tells us today about the first private dental clinic in Bucharest, Stomasan, which he founded in 1991. His 30 years of experience on the Romanian market have helped him to develop through the trust he has gained among patients, and thus, the clinic has developed its own laboratory and also offers radiology services, to provide patients with everything they need in one place.

The LiteApp project was welcomed with open arms, because Dr. Aoun Ammar believes that the application represents the future of business in Romania and beyond. He sees how his children use various applications to make their lives easier, and this further roots the idea that such an application will give patients a way to schedule quickly, at any time.

"It's much easier for a patient or client. Much simpler and more efficient for people, and that's what I've always wanted, to be next to people. ”

Find out the full story in the video.