Mode Style & Beauty - a step towards the future

Each partnership represents for us a long-term friendship, through which we want to offer value to any business. That's why the Lite Beauty range offers every user of the LiteApp application the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of beauty salons, from which they can choose the services they need, regardless of day, time or price.

Alina Baciu Olteanu, owner of Mode Style & Beauty, can be proud of the fact that she has a job in which she puts a lot of passion and takes care of every aspect to make everything perfect. The quality of the products is constantly checked, and the team of professionals always bring ideal results.

When she was offered the collaboration with LiteApp, she accepted with a smile on her face, especially since she noticed how, during this pandemic period, people moved online, and such an application would very well complement the expanding market. Within the business, it helps her to have everything better organized, and she offers her clients a comfort in terms of the salon programming methodology.

"Such services were needed on the market. It's very easy to schedule anywhere, anytime. ”

Find out the full story in the video.