Dentlife Studio - smile with confidence!

Each partnership represents for us a long-term friendship, through which we want to offer value to any business. That's why the Lite Smile range offers every user of the LiteApp application the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of dental clinics, from which they can choose the services they need, regardless of day, time or price.

Today we find out the story of Dr. Ștefania Mezdrea and how Dentlife Studio was born from a lot of passion and international experience. The motto she believes in and wants to pass on to every patient is "Smile with natural confidence!", And for this she works to become a true master of smiles that gives people confidence every day. She is passionate about dental aesthetics and her work is treated with great meticulousness, attention and skill that she has perfected abroad.

She joined the project from the beginning and is happy to have taken this step towards digitizing her business. She is a person open to such initiatives and says that it is absolutely normal for people to want to simplify their lives, especially since many people sometimes work 12 hours a day, so LiteApp offers the opportunity to schedule any hours, without being constrained by the work schedule of each clinic.

"Our smile reflects our well-being. A neat, pleasant smile is lite! Be lite! ”

Find out the full story in the video.