Dentago Cinic
and the care for patients

Each partnership represents for us a long-term friendship, through which we want to offer value to any business. That's why the Lite Smile range offers every user of the LiteApp application the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of dental clinics, from which they can choose the services they need, regardless of day, time or price.

Today we talk to Dr. Gabriela Tiu, the founder of the Dentago Clinic. She is one of our partners who enjoys the services of LiteApp and the benefits that the application offers in the long run. Her story began in 2016, when she laid the foundations of the private office she dreamed of owning. She has always wanted a place where patients feel comfortable, feel that they have an understanding, that they can come with confidence and that they will receive the right services, because she believes that it is the perfect clinic for the whole family, where they can be treated, children as well as the elderly.

Dentago Clinic is constantly purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, doctors are constantly trained, and LiteApp brings them an even stronger anchor in the future and in the digital development of the business. Dr. Gabriela Tiu knew from the first moment that it is a good idea, being a person open to everything that is new and that can improve the experience of his patients, considering that in this way he can connect more easily.

"The world is spinning faster and faster and we feel we don't have time, because we want to do more and more things. With LiteApp, you and your patients gain time! ”

Find out the full story in the video.