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General Dentistry and Dental Cosmetics for Adults and Children Our partner at Dentlife Studio, Dr. Ștefania Mezdrea, has an international background and is a true master of smiles, who can make people be more confident everyday. Dr. Ștefania Mezdrea started her career in 2001, in Verona. Her thirst for knowledge and passion for making people smile determined her to specialize in dental cosmetics. What makes her different from other dentists is her concept of keeping natural teeth for as long as possible

ORTO CARE Cabinet Stomatologic București

Orto Care dentists know how important oral health is and how necessary are special, complete, durable and perfectly functional treatments. Orto Care clinic offers a large range of dental services: orthodontics, implantology, prosthetics, endodontics, aesthetics. The prices are affordable for everyone and are done in a maximum safety.

Vision SmileClinic

Vision Smile Clinic wants to offer as many healthy smiles to people, through a high quality dental health care infrastructure, at affordable prices in Bucharest.

Twin Dent

Twin Dent is a dental clinic formed by professionists from all dental specialties, who collaborate with technicians from the best dental laboratories in Bucharest.